Description: Our Religious Education program called R.O.C.K. (Reaching Others for Christ’s Kingdom), gathers on Mondays from 6 till 7:30 pm in the Bosco Center. Attendance to either the 9 or 11 Mass is required as well. It is filled with laughter, learning, and fellowship. It is open for grades pre-k through 8th grade and runs through May.

We are very excited for the upcoming year and the changes we have made to our program that will better help your child(ren) understand the faith on their “level”.

What the parish does in a formal religious education program serves, hopefully, to supplement and support that basic religious and Christian formation that goes on daily in the home, the “domestic church”. Please continue to see to it that your child experiences prayer in your home, celebrates Mass on Sundays and Holy days, engages in simple acts of service to others, and always observes your own good example. “Parents are the principal and first educators of their children” – Catechism of the Catholic Church (article 7 – 1653).

We will require an attendance of at least 75% in order to complete the current grade level. This should give plenty of days in case of illness or emergency. If a disciplinary problem arises during class time, the catechist will handle the problem in the classroom. If the disruptive behavior continues, the catechist or I will contact you to alert you to the situation. It is expected that, together, we will develop a strategy to eliminate the disruptive behavior.

Should you have any questions before the start of classes, please call Rick Grinstead 822-6007 or Elizabeth Marcus, Religious Formation Secretary, at 822-6025.

Experience Needed: Ministers must be fingerprinted through the Diocese as well as have catechist training provided by the parish.

Frequency of Service: This program runs from September through May.

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Ministry Contact:

Mary Beth Lawrence