Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus was established in 1882 to provide a means by which Catholic men could support the Catholic Church, provide financial protection to protect their families, and engage in works of charity to benefit the less fortunate. Today, its nearly 1.8 million members make up the largest Catholic lay organization in the world, its insurance program has $74 billion of life insurance in force, and last year Knights donated more than $150 million and volunteered 68 million hours of their time to charity. From helping children in need to providing wheelchairs for the physically disabled and support for the intellectually handicapped, from helping to stock food banks to offering top-rated and affordable life insurance to its members, the Knights has been at the service of the communities in which we live and the needy around the world for more than 127 years.

A fraternal organization for Catholic men who volunteer countless hours within our own parish. From helping to build homes for Habitat for St. Peter, to putting up tents for Octoberfest, providing food for the hungry during the holidays, these are just a few examples of their “good deeds”.

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Mike Graves

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