Segundo Domingo Ordinario

St. Peter Catholic Church, DeLand, FL Celebrante: Fr. Medina 17 de enero de 2021

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Combined Rite of Welcome/Acceptance. No Procession.

St. Peter Catholic Church Celebrant: Fr. Medina January 17, 2021

2020-01-13 St. Peter Catholic Church School Mass

Celebrating the Feast Day of Saint Hilary of Poitiers. In the Roman calendar of saints, Hilary's feast day is on 13 January, 14 January in the pre-1970 form of the calendar. Saint Hilary of Poitiers, Latin Hilarius, (born c. 315, Poitiers, Gaul—died c. 367, Poitiers; feast day January 13), Gallo-Roman doctor of the church who as bishop of Poitiers was a champion of orthodoxy against Arianism (q.v.) and was the first Latin writer to introduce Greek doctrine to Western Christendom.

Fiesta del Bautismo del Señor

Here at St. Peter, we are blessed not only to have the ability to convey the word of God with the use of 21st Century Technology, but with a pastor that has the creativity and courage to do so. More and more Churches are turning to new technology to bring a more dynamic presentation of Our Lord’s Teachings and gearing up for the next generation of new disciples of Christ.

We currently have (2) Main Video Projection Screens plus an additional 4 tv monitors positioned in the church so everyone in the congregation can see exactly what is taking place during a mass. We also have a complete Bose Audio System and individual hearing assisted packs as well.

We are always looking for volunteers not only to assist with the duties consistent with our weekend masses, but we also welcome anyone with any knowledge of video, editing, sound engineering, computers, and/or photography. This can be a very fun & rewarding ministry. We are in need of several people for A/V operators as well.

Michael Orola