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FLC Update

A note from Father Tom

It is going to happen. We are going to have our Family Life Center. It is a symbol of our faith and trust in God. It states that St. Peter’s is moving forward, not backwards. We have a glorious history, but look forward to an even brighter future.  We believe that the best is yet to come. Our Family Life Center will sit proudly on New York Avenue announcing to all that God is doing a great thing here at St. Peter’s.  We are growing and prospering as we face the future with hope, confidence and optimism.  It is a wonderful time to be a member of St. Peter. I am blest to be here and so are you.  Thanks to all who make this possible. Family Life Center 2017! — Father Tom

Generous parishioners and families have helped us collect more than $2.4 million toward the Family Life Center campaign. The estimated cost of the Family Life Center is $3.7 million. Thus far, through Alive in Christ commitments and earmarked donations, 5% of our parishioners have contributed funds to make the Family Life Center a reality. If you’ve given, will you prayerfully consider giving again? If you’ve not given, will you prayerfully consider doing so today?
We only need $1.3 million more. With God’s blessing, we can raise it!


Give today with e-Giving (select “FLC Fundraiser Phase II”) or through a pledge envelope available in the church office.

For more information about the Family Life Center Phase II Fundraising Campaign, please call Rick Grinstead at 386-822-6000. Thank you!