Pastoral Council

Under the broad objectives outlined by the pastor, the council will investigate and research pastoral matters, study and reflect on them and then draw conclusions and make recommendations to the pastor. The pastor directs the implementation of any accepted recommendations, possibly with assistance of the council.

The primary purpose of the Pastoral Council is pastoral planning, not governance. The council is advisory and the Pastor retains all decision making responsibilities. The council fosters pastoral activity (Can. 536) through:

  • Viewing St. Peter’s Parish in light of its Gospel Mission
  • Reflection on the core values of St. Peter’s Parish
  • Consultation with all parishioners
  • Assessment of strengths and resources of our parish
  • Assessment of the needs and limitations of our parish
  • Examination of our local community
  • Identifying priorities and goals for (the next three years)
  • Drafting action plan with clearly defined objectives
  • Evaluation to ensure that all activities within St. Peter’s Parish are accountable to the mission of the parish. This involves coordinating with Commissions and Ministries.

Members are practicing Catholics of the parish having talents, training or knowledge enabling them to investigate pastoral matters, study and reflect on them and then draw conclusions and make recommendations. As a whole, they should reflect the parish demographics and apostolates. Members should be stewardship minded.

Meetings are 90 minutes long, held monthly from September through May (except December) on the second Monday of the month at 6 PM.

Ministry Contact:
Maeve Jemison
407-920-8415 (accepts texts)
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