Sign Language

To help the deaf and hard of hearing worship God through the use of sign language.

We stand at the altar for the entire service. and sign everything. If someone is speaking we are signing. just as an interpreter would for a deaf person.

In the future we would like to offer bible study sessions for deaf and hard of hearing who use sign language. The retreats and all ministries that the parish offers would be so much more enhanced if we could provide a sign language interpreter for those deaf and hard of hearing wishing to participate. We would need signing volunteers for such events. If anyone is interested in helping out they are welcome.

Volunteers just need to have a passion for sharing the word of God with the Deaf Community, and have knowledge and skills of Sign Language. Sign Language and Interpreting students are welcome to learn and sign the mass.

We would like to sign at each weekend mass.

Ministry Contact:
Laura Koschuk

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